0 to 10 on Chin-Ups and Dips

September 13, 2022 | John Paul Catanzaro

female doing chin-ups and dips

Chin-ups and dips are two of the best strength training exercises you can do, but most people have a hard time doing them. They’re a challenge for both males and females no matter how many years of exercise experience!

Remember, there’s a difference between exercising and training. Exercising to sweat and burn calories with no real progression is much different than training toward a specific objective – in this case, an improvement in chin-up and dip strength. You can certainly improve your performance in chins and dips if you sleep right, eat right, and train right.

That’s exactly what Amanda did. Like most people, she struggled to do just one rep at first, but with consistent training, focusing initially on the eccentric action, she went from zero to ten on both exercises.

Bottom Line: You, too, can get strong on chin-ups and dips. With the right type of training, you’ll get there, but it won’t happen overnight. Put the work in… be consistent… and before you know it, you’ll go from zero to hero on two of the best exercises known to man and woman!