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John Paul Catanzaro

John Paul Catanzaro is one of the premier trainers in Canada. He has built a reputation for getting his clients in top shape quickly, and his expertise has not gone unnoticed by other health and fitness professionals who attend his private studio regularly for instruction. In 2011, John Paul released his first book, The Elite Trainer. This website was originally devoted to that book, but today The Elite Trainer has evolved into a complete system of training, and the website has become a great resource for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The elite trainer

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Heel-Elevated Reverse Step-Up

Step-Up Progressions

Step-ups are a staple exercise for the lower body. Start off with your body weight and a low step, and work your way through the…

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six-pack abs

Grin and Bare Abs

If you want to build a serious set of abdominals, routinely perform weighted pull-ups and dips. These multi-joint movements require a strong contribution from the…

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hand holding 2kg weight plate

Step Loading

Here’s an example of step loading where you aim to do the same number of reps each set but gradually increase the weight in small…

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John Paul’s Personal Training Program Design Manual


John Paul, Your book is excellent – tons of programs (which I like as it shows APPLICATION, not just theory) and a bunch of great information.”

Alwyn Cosgrove
Co-author of The New Rules of Lifting book series

“JP, I just read your book and was very impressed. I could not put it down! It is one of the top three books for trainers. You did an awesome job!”

Dr. Eric Serrano, M.D.
Sports Nutrition and Supplementation Expert

“Coach and colleague @catanzarogroup has an amazing book The Elite Trainer. If you work in fitness, you need this. It's very complete and detailed.”

Lorne Goldenberg
Co-author of Strength Ball Training

"I feel privileged to have found such a mentor in John Paul. His calibre of expertise and professionalism have set a high standard for the industry.

Trionne Moore, CFC, CFT, PRS, CFL
Professional Salsa Dancer & Instructor Body Roots Inc.

“Hi John Paul, I just wanted to say bravo on an excellent book. The Elite Trainer synthesizes a lot of information into a useable format for any trainer.

Brian Justin, MHK, CEP, CSCS, CHEK-1, HLC-1
Kinesiology and Physical Education Faculty at the University of the Fraser Valley


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