Webinars & Video Presentations

Strength Training Parameters and Program Design

Experience the Strength Training Parameters and Program Design presentation over the internet at your convenience. The webinar is 118 minutes long and comes with an 82-slide PDF report for you to follow along with.

The Business of Personal Training: 20 Principles to Success

Discover the tools for success in The Business of Personal Training. Why settle for an average income? Learn how to quickly boost revenue and maximize your money-making potential with 20 key principles. The webinar is 210 minutes long and features a 545-slide PDF presentation along with additional resources.

How to Measure Your Clients

In this 34-minute video presentation, you’ll be guided through a step-by-step approach to measuring your personal training clients. Learn a 3-stage system to use when measuring clients along with the single most important measurement tool for maximum client retention.

The video presentation is one of several bonus upgrades that you’ll receive when you purchase The Elite Trainer Success Pack.

Body Composition Strategies

In Body Composition Strategies, you’ll learn many of the trade secrets that experts use to get their personal training clients lean in a short period of time. The webinar covers diet, supplementation and training protocols for both men and women. Several case studies are examined.

Over 40 minutes of streaming video, a 38-page slide presentation and several bonus files are included.

Stretch for Strength

The most concise compilation of material on the subject of stretching that has ever been presented. Stretch for Strength is a must-see for all fitness enthusiasts, healthcare practitioners, personal trainers and strength coaches. The video presentation is 104 minutes long and comes with a 101-page slide presentation in PDF format.

Warm-Up to Strength Training

The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD has sold copies worldwide and has been featured in several magazines. Discover some unique, cutting-edge techniques to increase strength instantly! It has received a thumbs-up from many experts including Drs. Eric Serrano, Mark Lindsay and Ken Kinakin as well as Olympic strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin.

Injury Prevention Strategies for Aging Athletes

Discover unique and novel strategies that aging athletes can use to prevent injuries in this 60-minute webinar. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Consider this webinar as a small investment in time that may prevent a career-ending injury. A must-see for any athlete over the age of 27.


The Fat Loss Firestorm video is a great resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike!

  • A simple nutritional “tweak” to melt off over 10% body fat in no time.
  • The secret weapon used to lose over 50lbs in 5 months.
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