Try These 3 Moves In The Gym

June 16, 2019 | John Paul Catanzaro

Try These 3 Moves In The Gym

Here are some interesting moves from this morning’s workout. The first one I call an incline Telle forward dumbbell raise. It’s a move I picked up from Jerry Telle’s Beyond 2001 training manual. Great exercise for the anterior and medial delts and serratus anterior. Don’t go too heavy.

The second is a low-pulley split squat, a great variation that increases activation of the posterior chain on one side and stretches the anterior chain on the other side. Make sure to keep the arm fully extended and the shoulder retracted on the side holding the handle.

The last exercise is a glute-ham raise. It’s another exercise that targets the posterior chain, but you’ll need a dedicated machine to do it. If you do give it a shot and find it to be a little too challenging, try using accommodating assistance with a resistance band.