The News is Spreading Fast: Use METH for Injuries

October 18, 2018 | John Paul Catanzaro

METH is a highly effective way to treat injuries. It works and it works fast! I’m not talking about methamphetamine, but rather the acronym METH, which stands for movement, elevation, traction, and heat. The old, antiquated RICE method doesn’t work. Sure, it reduces pain, but it doesn’t improve healing… it delays it!

Forget RICE. METH is the way to go for injuries. Don’t believe me? Just Google it. You’ll see that the word is spreading. Here are a few articles to read:

  1. METH is the new RICE
  2. Why ice doesn’t help an injury
  3. More trainers reject using ice to treat minor sport injuries

METH is becoming highly addictive for good reason. Next time you’re faced with an injury, give this method a shot.