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Weight Training Transformed This Kid

September 22, 2022 | John Paul Catanzaro

Joseph had tried various sports and activities when he was in grade school. Nothing clicked. He was a below-average student, often getting in trouble...

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Back-to-School Supplements

September 08, 2020 | John Paul Catanzaro

Things are going to get very interesting when the kids go back to school. I have three kids in school (one in grade school, one in high school, and t...

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The Problem and Solution to Childhood Obesity

December 08, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

The Problem… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0c1PpJh_i4 The Solution… Increase Physical Activity The Growing Rate of Childhood Obe...

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Meat and Nuts Breakfast for Kids

December 06, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Charles Poliquin did the world a huge favor when he introduced the concept of having meat and nuts for breakfast. It's one of the most effective nut...

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The 30-Minute Digital Time Rule

July 19, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

My 6-year old son has become a wizard on digital devices. Give him an iPhone, iPad or iMac, and he's right at home. Of course, I'm not a big fan of ...

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How Long Do Your Children Watch Television For Each Day?

May 28, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

In the past, we looked at some of the issues involved with childhood obesity. Inactivity is certainly a problem. Less time playing and more time spe...

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The Growing Rate of Childhood Obesity (Part 2)

April 03, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

I remember as a kid playing street hockey almost every night after school until it was so dark outside, you couldn't see the ball anymore. If the wea...

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The Growing Rate of Childhood Obesity (Part 1)

April 02, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

We have a real problem on our hands. Today, more and more of our children are becoming obese and those numbers continue to rise. Something needs to b...

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