Stop Scratching Your Shoulder Scab

April 09, 2019 | John Paul Catanzaro

If you constantly scratch the scab, you’ll never heal. That goes with any injury, but it’s especially true for shoulder injuries.

You see, the shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body. It can move the arm into thousands of positions, 16,000 to be exact! If you don’t set the scapula and stabilize the joint properly, you risk irritating the tissues that run through it. In other words, you’ll keep scratching the scab!

The concept of maintaining a “neutral spine” for low back health seems to be well-established now, but that type of message hasn’t spread for healthy shoulders.

You can do all sorts of corrective exercises, take all the pills in the world, and even get some fancy injections, but if those shoulders are misaligned, you’ll never heal properly and they’ll always be a problem.

That’s where a posture corrector can help. These things are a dime a dozen. Just do a search at Amazon and you’ll find a million of them, but they’re not all good. Most of them cross too high on the back and pull on the neck, potentially causing neck strain down the road. Essentially, you rob Peter to pay Paul! It’s not a good compromise.

The Adrenalease shirt that I’ve mentioned in the past is pretty good (check out Posture Improvement Through Strength Training), but if you want a portable “bra-like” option that you can take on and off at will, the Potou Back Posture Corrector is one that I recommend.

Although shoulder issues can occur for many reasons, one thing is for sure: you’re not doing yourself any favours by moving your arms with rounded shoulders! Try a posture corrector for a little while. Use it as often as you can in and out of the gym. Who knows, it may be just what the doctor ordered!