Seated Leg Extensions

March 20, 2020 | John Paul Catanzaro

seated leg extensions

Favor higher reps when doing seated leg extensions. The key is constant tension: Don’t use too heavy of a weight, go up to a “soft lock” position, and don’t let the plates touch at the bottom. Keep the movement smooth and fluid, and fight through the burn as much as possible. On the last rep, hold the top position as long as you can. You’ll be limping after this one!

Right now it’s unchartered territory training during this COVID-19 period. Some people will get in fantastic shape if they have a well-equipped home gym, while others will struggle to maintain their gains. If you don’t have access to a leg extension machine or other exercise equipment, try some of the exercises shown in On The Road To Inactivity: How To Exercise Your Right To Travel.

No matter what, stay positive and stay active. We’ll get through this!