Safe Pressing with Heavy Dumbbells

May 09, 2020 | John Paul Catanzaro

safe pressing with heavy dumbbells video

Believe it or not, many lifters get injured just getting in and out of position before an exercise begins or right after it’s done! The lying dumbbell press is a classic example. It can be a real challenge, especially when using heavy weights. Unless you have two strong, experienced spotters handing you the dumbbells at the start and taking them from you at the end, you better learn how to do it safely or you’re going to get hurt.

Throwing the dumbbells once you’re finished is not a good option. Many gyms won’t permit it – it’s not good for the floor or the equipment, and I’ve seen a slew of injuries from guys throwing the weights down like fingers clipped and toes smashed!

Here’s the right way to get in and out of position when doing lying presses with heavy dumbbells.

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