Nature Does the Healing

July 10, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

The modern approach of “rest it and ice it” is not the best way to heal an injury. We’ve known for ages that movement along with heat increase circulation and promote healing. Check out this excerpt from The Wonderful World Within You by Dr. Roger J. Williams, which was originally published in 1977:

We human beings are biological creatures; our whole background for many thousands of years is permeated by the need to move around in search of food, building shelters, and other activities. When and if we become so affluent that we can afford not to exert ourselves – just sit in the shade and eat and drink – our biological inheritance tells us, if we listen, “Get going, and do something, or you will atrophy and die.”

One of the advantages of bathing (hot mineral baths, etc.) lies in the fact that this sort of activity promotes better general circulation. When one sprains an ankle or suffers from bruises, one of the most time-honoured treatments is to soak the affected part in hot water. This causes increased circulation to the area; this, in turn, brings more ample nutrition and carries away undesirable waste products. Nature does the healing.

Should you be so unfortunate as to break a bone in your arm or leg, it is highly desirable that your general circulation be stimulated by whatever exercise you can take. It is also extremely important at this time that you get the best possible food because mending and building bone calls for all the raw materials not only for bone building but for nourishing the living cells that have to do the work incident to the rebuilding. We need to cooperate with nature.

The last line is important! I’ll paraphrase the entire passage in one sentence: We need to cooperate with nature because nature (with the help of METH) does the healing.