Money is One Thing. Lifestyle is Everything!

October 24, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

Recently, a client approached me with a dilemma: he was offered a lucrative job and wasn’t sure if he should take it. To give you some perspective, this client is making $350,000 a year. He leads a team that’s operating efficiently and effectively, which means that he has the freedom to train at will, get bodywork done on a regular basis, get plenty of sleep at night, and take as much vacation a year as his heart desires. Financially, he’s comfortable – he’s able to purchase grass-fed meats and organic produce, high-quality supplements, drive a nice Audi, and handle my bill every month.

The new job will put a lot more on his plate. He’ll make an extra $150,000 a year, but he won’t have the “cushy” lifestyle anymore. He’ll do at least 12-hour workdays (including weekends), his sleep will surely be compromised, stress will be through the roof, and there’s no doubt that many workouts will be sacrificed in the process. The extra money he’ll make will affect his health and physique, but not in a good way! Is it worth it?

One more thing, this client had that stressful life in the past, and he wasn’t happy. It took a serious toll on him to get to where he’s at right now. He made the sacrifices and “paid” his dues. Now he can reap the rewards, and boy is he doing so. This guy is in shape! He’s sporting a 6-pack and a high degree of muscularity, and he’s got the function to match the look. He’s exactly where he wants to be, so why take a step forward with money only to take a giant leap backward with everything else?

You’ve heard the saying: “There’s no use being the richest person in the cemetery!” Would you sacrifice your health for wealth? Many people do – check out Meat Snobs for a great example of this. And how much money is enough to be happy? When does it become a point of diminishing returns? Sure, you need to make a sufficient amount to survive and tuck away for a rainy day, but you don’t need to make too much – not if it’s going to compromise your lifestyle, health, and happiness. At that point, all the money in the world is just not worth it!