Meat Snobs

August 31, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

It’s hard to settle for less when you’ve had the best. Take personal training, for example. If you train with someone that acts in a professional manner, gives you an educated response when you ask a question, and produces results on a consistent basis, it makes it difficult to train with someone else.

Food is no different. We’ve been using Brooker’s Natural Meats for years now and I have to tell you, nothing else compares. Actually, my wife and I have become meat snobs! We can taste the difference in other meats.

Last week we went to a high-end steakhouse for our 18th wedding anniversary. The steak was okay, but I’d rather have it from home. The meat we buy from Brooker’s is not cheap, but it costs less than what you pay for at a restaurant and the taste is so much better as far as I’m concerned. The fact that it’s naturally raised meat free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides is just an added bonus.

By the way, during that anniversary meal we had a creamy spinach side dish that was excellent. If you want to try something similar at home, there’s a great recipe at

Get your priorities straight…

I love the analogy Paul Chek gives in his audio program You Are What You Eat. Basically, he says that people have their priorities backward when they pull up at a fast food drive-thru with their expensive luxury car. They’re willing to spend an enormous amount of money on a vehicle and yet they put the cheapest food in their body!

Rather than go to a restaurant every week and spend a fortune on food that’s just okay, why don’t you put that money toward higher quality food that you eat on a daily basis? Sure, it’s nice to have a luxury car and it’s nice to go out for dinner every once and a while, but it’s also nice to experience good health and vitality every single day.

Bottom line: Invest in your health before everything else!