Why Does Coffee Make My Stomach Hurt?

October 03, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

Coffee can provide many benefits – it's good for the heart and liver, improves cognitive and athletic performance, lowers depression, decreases th...

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Please Help… My Son has High Cholesterol!

September 02, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

Here's part of an interview that was conducted with me many years ago on the topic of cholesterol. A word of warning: The message goes against the...

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Eat the Whole Egg

July 25, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

Even with a strong Paleo movement in place, many North Americans are still convinced that fat is evil. Low-fat diets continue to be in vogue and peop...

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Almonds Don’t Have Breasts

May 08, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

Ages ago I learned a very important nutritional concept from Dr. Eric Serrano: The best type of milk to consume is breast milk; it's what we're mean...

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The Good and Bad of Adding Fat to Vegetables

April 03, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

There's quite a bit of confusion when it comes to adding fat to vegetables. Can you cook spinach in bacon fat or melt butter on broccoli? Some say ...

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My Favorite Coconut Snacks

March 10, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

My one true nutritional vice is espresso, or what our cleaning lady likes to refer to as "mud." Every day I have a double espresso with breakfast, a...

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Meat and Nuts Breakfast for Kids

December 06, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Charles Poliquin did the world a huge favor when he introduced the concept of having meat and nuts for breakfast. It's one of the most effective nut...

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A Simple After-School Snack

September 29, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

With the kids back at school now, here's a simple snack that you can give them when they get home. Like most snacks that kids reach for, it's quick ...

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Don’t Leave a Presentation Before the Q&A

August 05, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Sometimes the best learning comes after a presentation during the question and answer period. Take for example a talk given by Dr. Christopher Gard...

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How to Bring Pasteurized Sauerkraut Back to Life

July 14, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

I take a probiotic on a daily basis, but not in the form of a pill or powder. I get my daily fill of probiotics in the form of sauerkraut, a fermente...

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Boost Testosterone By Juicing

March 08, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Food can have a dramatic effect on testosterone. Soy, for example, can soak up testosterone like a sponge. Soy increases levels of sex hormone-bindin...

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Moderate Protein Intake is Best

February 10, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

When it comes to building muscle, taking in too little or too much protein is not the way to go. A moderate amount is best. There's a rate at whic...

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A Quick Bedtime Snack

January 07, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

When people ask me what type of supplements they should take during a joint-related injury, I have several suggestions such as proteolytic enzymes, ...

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Two Vital Protein Powders for Weight Lifters

December 17, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

The type of protein you consume after training can have a major impact on your results. Weight training breaks down muscle fibers and connective tiss...

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Aluminum Foil is Not Suitable for Cooking

December 03, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

My recent post on aluminum coffee pots sparked some interest. Some people have asked if cooking with aluminum foil poses a similar health concern. We...

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How I Deal With My Nutritional Vice

November 17, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

People ask me all the time if I have a nutritional vice. I guess you can say that I have two, but I don't consider them that evil. I like to enjoy so...

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The Leftover-Dinner Breakfast

October 20, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

With an overabundance of food readily available, we seem to have things backward today. Instead of greater energy and vitality, more and more people ...

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Introducing The Naive Vegetarian

October 12, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

Everything works for a while and vegetarianism is no exception. Many people adopt a vegetarian lifestyle thinking that it will improve their health a...

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Healthy Dinner Made In 20 Minutes

August 27, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

Guest Blog by Mary Catanzaro Summer is always a busy time with my family and mealtimes can be a little stressful. Making healthy and creative dinn...

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Don't Discard This From Your Salad

August 20, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

Back in the summer of 2012, I was approached by a 34-year-old male who was overweight and had some health issues. At the time, he was planning to pro...

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