My Favorite Leg Finisher

August 03, 2022 | John Paul Catanzaro

Everything in context! I’m squatting with 225 pounds in the video below. It doesn’t look like much weight except that I’m doing 20 reps and ...

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How to Get a Biceps Vein

November 25, 2020 | John Paul Catanzaro

Growing up, all I ever wanted was the “biceps vein!” I wanted it even more than huge biceps. Of course, big biceps help to push that vein out and...

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Chest and Back Superset

April 27, 2019 | John Paul Catanzaro

A “super” combo to finish off an upper-body workout involves the standing cable crossover and the bent-over dumbbell lateral raise. Do 3 sets of...

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Carbs, Caffeine, and Training: A New Approach for Muscle Growth

March 06, 2018 | John Paul Catanzaro

Constant learning and experimentation are what I'm all about. I love to try out different methods that I pick up from various sources, and then tweak...

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I Can’t Deadlift That Weight

January 24, 2018 | John Paul Catanzaro

On August 13, 2016, I was hired by Natasha, a 30-year-old dentist who never touched a barbell in her life. Her goal was to put on some muscle size an...

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A New Way to Taper

July 03, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

A common practice in strength training is to work up to a peak load over a number of workouts, and then drop down a bit at the end before starting a ...

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How to Get Stubborn Calves to Grow

June 05, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

Stubborn calves are either bored calves, they've “been there, done that” and refuse to grow, or they're lost calves, they've been searching for t...

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Tighten Up Your Physique

January 19, 2017 | John Paul Catanzaro

Inducing body composition changes in a beginner is easy. You get them to clean up their eating habits and begin exercising, and the body will start t...

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The Most Important Variable for Muscle Hypertrophy

November 01, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Several variables are important for muscle hypertrophy (growth), including how much weight you lift (intensity), how many total reps you perform (vol...

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Should The Knees Pass The Toes When Squatting?

May 11, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

For those who’ve read my article 14 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Full Squat Benefits!, here are four more reasons to consider. 1. The vastus m...

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Tiger Balm for Calf Growth

April 21, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

In the past, there was a great topical formulation that worked wonders for athletes. The product was called Zanagen Ignite. This stuff brought heat ...

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Knockout Growth for Stubborn Calves: Hit Them Hard From All Angles and Hit Them Often!

April 19, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Calves are stubborn. They’re like that boxer with an iron chin. If you want some “knockout” growth, you need to hit them hard with methods that...

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My Pterodactyl Wings

April 14, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

When it comes to bodybuilding, illusion is everything. Building huge delts and lats can help give you that classic "V" taper and make your waist look...

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Step-Ups Develop Muscular Legs

March 17, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

You won't find a better exercise for building the lower body than the squat. However, that doesn't mean squats should be the only tool in your toolbo...

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Old-School Bodybuilding Supplement

January 21, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Liver tablets were once a staple with old-school bodybuilders, but their popularity seemed to fade toward the end of the 20th century. That’s too b...

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My First Muscle Magazine

January 19, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

I have hundreds of old muscle magazines in my storage room. The one that started it all for me was the December 1985 issue of MuscleMag International...

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4 Muscular Endurance Goals for the New Year

January 05, 2016 | John Paul Catanzaro

Many strength athletes are creatures of habit. They do the same thing day in and day out. They get big; they get strong; and sometimes they get bore...

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Four Ways to Combine Heavy and Moderate Lifting

December 13, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

HEAVY EARLY, MODERATE LATE IN A WORKOUT MondayA. DeadliftB. One-Arm RowC. Pulldown WednesdayA. Back SquatB. Leg PressC. Leg Extension Friday...

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Bodybuilder Big, Powerlifter Strong

November 15, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

Can 10 sets of 3 get you just as much size as 3 sets of 10? In short, yes, but the type of hypertrophy you experience is different. Let me explain. ...

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Periodization for Bodybuilders: How to Plan Strength Training for Maximum Muscle Mass

November 05, 2015 | John Paul Catanzaro

If you’ve been in the muscle-building game for a while, you know quite well that you can’t stay on one routine forever. No matter how well you do...

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