Break The Inertia To Get Stronger

July 30, 2020 | John Paul Catanzaro

Inertia Good Morning and Z Press

Inserting strategic pauses when lifting weights is a great way to break the inertia and heighten muscular involvement. In particular, pausing in the bottom position helps to dissipate the plyometric or stretch-shortening effect. Think of it as less tendon and more muscle contribution.

And if you rest the bar for a good two seconds on the supports of a power rack, it not only increases strength acquisition in that position, but it also ensures that you achieve the same range each and every rep. Once you return to conventional training without pausing at the bottom, you should notice a marked increase in strength.

Below are two exercises that work well with this method of training, one for the lower body and the other for the upper body.

Seated Safety-Bar Good Morning

Are you looking for an exercise that works your inner thighs, hamstrings, and lower back? Look no further than the seated safety-bar good morning.

Don’t go heavy – concentrate on form. Lower the bar under control, keep your back flat, gently and quietly rest the bar on the supports for 2 seconds, then come up in a smooth, fluid fashion maintaining tension throughout.

Z Press in Power Rack

Get ready to be humbled! The Z press takes the lower body out of the equation and requires plenty of core strength and stability… and of course, it’ll give your shoulders all they can handle. It looks easy, but it’s not!

And to heighten the challenge, make sure to rest the bar for 2 seconds on the supports (no bouncing out of the bottom).

This exercise will teach you how to brace properly for overhead pressing. Once you return to a standing version, look out!

The Z press was named after strongman Zydrunas Savickas, who’s famous for pressing 500 pounds overhead. It’s a big part of his training and should be part of yours. Give it a shot!