A New Way to do Isometronics

October 29, 2020 | John Paul Catanzaro

Barbell Back Squats with 1 Set of Safety Pins

The isometronic training method is a great way to increase muscle size and strength. Some think of it as rack training on steroids!

It usually requires an upper and lower set of safety pins on each side of a power rack so that you can work the top, middle, and bottom third of the range exclusively for a number of reps, and then perform an isometric contraction against the top pin before resting it on the bottom pin.

But what if your power rack only has one safety pin on each side?

Well, instead of doing an “overcoming” isometric against the top pin, you’ll do a “yielding” isometric just shy of the lower pin. This video will give you an idea of how it’s done:

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