Eat the Whole Egg

Even with a strong Paleo movement in place, many North Americans are still convinced that fat is evil. Low-fat diets continue to be in vogue and people will go out of their way to remove as much fat as possible from their foods. Eggs are a classic example. Egg-white omelets are still popular. You could remove the yolk yourself, or you could buy a product like Egg Beaters ...

Posted Jul 25, 2017

Nature Does the Healing

The modern approach of "rest it and ice it" is not the best way to heal an injury. We've known for ages that movement along with heat increase circulation and promote healing. Check out this excerpt from The Wonderful World Within You by Dr. Roger J. Williams that was originally published in 1977: “We human beings are biological creatures; our whole ...

Posted Jul 10, 2017

Olympic Lifting for Athletes Revisited

Olympic weightlifting is a sport. Performing Olympic lifts during strength training is not mandatory to improve athletic performance in other sports. In fact, many experts question the use of the Olympic lifts for those who are not weightlifters. Here's what strength and conditioning coach Steve Maxwell has to say on this controversial subject: Peer-reviewed research does ...

Posted Jul 3, 2017

Insane Health & Fitness Traditions

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. There are many examples of insane traditions in the health and fitness world. Here are some that come to mind…   Insane Nutrition Tradition We're told to eat less to lose weight, so people restrict their calories and they do lose weight ...

Posted Jun 26, 2017

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