Prioritize to Enter the Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

If you place yourself in the eye of a storm, you can have all kinds of chaos going on around you, but you'll stay centered and in control. If you step out into the whirlwind of tasks, you'll lose control and quickly become overwhelmed. The way you get to the center is by prioritizing. Make a list of what needs to be done – get it down on paper – and then number ...

Posted Nov 15, 2017

Eat Your Protein First

Eat Protein First

You've heard the saying, "the more you do, the more you get done." Every year I like to load up my plate with as many projects as possible, then I start chewing away at them one by one until I've cleaned my plate. But I don't just start consuming these tasks in a random order, I always take care of the important ones first. The same approach applies when I eat a ...

Posted Nov 14, 2017

Do You Find Strength Workouts Boring?

Most people would agree that static stretching and aerobic training are boring. For me, these activities are like watching paint dry! I find strength training to be far more exciting, but that’s not the case for everyone. Some people find strength workouts boring and it’s not just the recreational lifter who may feel this way, athletes do too. Here's how I deal ...

Posted Nov 10, 2017

My Homemade Poliquin Rack

Homemade Poliquin Rack

Most people add to their wardrobe at least once a year. I like to add to my artillery of muscle-building weapons. This year, for instance, I picked up a safety squat bar, a couple Swiss bars, a bunch of kettlebells, and some other toys – mainly the type of stuff that I can fit in the limited space that I have, but lately, I've been getting the itch to go bigger. I've ...

Posted Nov 6, 2017

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