The Warm-Up: Modern Methods for Strength Training

The Warm Up Book by John Paul CatanzaroTraditional warm-ups zap valuable strength and energy, and ultimately performance suffers. Even worse, the typical warm-up will increase the risk of injury! If you're tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere with your training, then discover the real secrets to effective workouts.

Most strength training warm-ups are a complete waste of time and many are counterproductive. They lack structure and purpose, resulting in a poor workout or worse, injury! Throw tradition out the window. The days of doing unnecessary and non-specific aerobic work followed by the mindless, boring and sedating act of static stretching as part of your warm-up are long gone. Research shows that there are better ways to increase strength during your workouts. The art is being able to apply that science to your training. Keep in mind that the goal of a proper warm-up is to improve performance, not induce fatigue!

The Warm-Up is one of the best training investments you'll ever make. It could be the difference between setting a personal record or lost time due to needless injury.

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