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Here's my story…

Video 2 (32:51 min)
Principle 1: Start from the bottom and work your way up
Principle 2: Follow success but keep an open mind
Principle 3: Always be professional
Principle 4: Put it in writing
Principle 5: Establish an online presence

Video 3 (67:50 min)
Principle 6: Protect your assets
Principle 7: Practice effective marketing strategies
Principle 8: Set your rates appropriately
Principle 9: Practice what you preach
Principle 10: The more you learn, the more you earn

Video 4 (49:50 min)
Principle 11: Get lucky
Principle 12: Generate multiple streams of income
Principle 13: Practice time management
Principle 14: Be a personal trainer, not a personal entertainer
Principle 15: Develop a systems approach

Video 5 (47:12 min)
Principle 16: Keep up with the times
Principle 17: Find your passion
Principle 18: Envision your dream lifestyle and work backwards
Principle 19: Make the move
Principle 20: Get results

Video 6 (6:31 min)
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